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Welcome to the Real Property Toowoomba Website

Our team offers over 20 years experience specialising in Property Management Services. We offer very competitive rates and a proven track record having clients of many years good standing. Feel free to visit, telephone or email our office for any questions or to browse our latest listings, our professional staff will be happy to assist with your inquiries.

Who we are

Our newly formed office was once a part of one of the largest Real Estate marketing organisations in Australia and this valuable association has given us enormous benefits to pass on to our tenants, sellers, buyers and landlords. We offer competent and reliable services in all aspects of the Real Estate Industry.

Real Property Toowoomba (under its former name) has managed investment properties in Toowoomba and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our property Manager is fully licensed and possesses over two decades of knowledge and experience in the local area.

We strive to offer you quality Property Management and welcome the opportunity to discuss any matters pertaining to the management of your property.

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